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Why We're Different:



Simply put, our experience is unparalleled. Along with earning a B.S. in Exercise Science, I've spent the last 15+ years dedicated to the martial arts, competing in the highest levels of competition (UFC, BellatorMMA, EBI), all the while developing the students and staff who helped me get there. Most importantly, we've helped hundreds of students develop themselves and achieve their goals physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whatever your goals are, we can help you because we've either done it ourselves or helped others do the same!


While I may have the experience of elite competition, the overwhelming majority of students are training for personal development with little to no interest in competing. This is NOT a fight club! My coaches and I specialize in breaking down the nuances of martial arts into simple, easy to learn movement patterns that challenge the brain as much as the body for a holistic fitness and education experience.



What really sets us apart from other places is our atmosphere! You will not find a more welcoming community of people ready and willing to be a part of the journey to help you achieve your goals. Students know to leave their egos at the door and enter with a growth mindset to build each other up, not break each other down. Together, we've changed countless lives helping students get in shape, learn self defense, build confidence, and realize their potential.



Best environment with the best people. If you ever wanted to learn a martial art, this is the place to go. Tamdan and Herman and all the other coaches are phenomenal and teach with the hopes of making you the best you can be.



This place is great! I worried about 2 things, a fake martial arts gym, and getting beat up on my first day! Was very happy to learn that both of these were incorrect! You'll learn a lot from the coaches, and maybe even more from the friendly students.

Getting Started:

  • What do I need to participate?

    • Workout clothes (no zippers or metal pieces)​

    • Water bottle

    • A positive attitude and a readiness to learn and have fun!

      • We will discuss any equipment needs at the conclusion of your first class.​

  • I'm out of shape and/or have no experience. Is this for me?

    • It doesn't matter what shape you're in or what experience you have. We work with anyone that's able and willing to grow into our program. Go at your own pace, just make sure you get going!​

  • Is this dangerous? Will I get hurt?

    • ​With any physical activity there is always a potential risk of injury. Safety is a top concern for our students and staff. We are NOT a fight club. Our trainers have years of experience providing safe instruction and a friendly environment for our students.

Full Schedule

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Schedule your trial now!

I'm so stoked to have you check us out and immerse yourself in our training programs. We have limited space for new students in each class, so get set up today!

I look forward to working with you!



All the best,

Tamdan McCrory

Broome County Martial Arts

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